City Government

The Sargent city government consists of a Mayor and four city council members. An election for Mayor is every 4 years. The next election for Mayor is November 2022. Council members are elected every 4 years with two alternating council members.

The mission of the Council Board is to represent the public interest, promote quick, courteous response to residents' problems, provide leadership and direction to the town's future and ensure the present and future fiscal integrity of the municipal government.

The City of Sargent encourages all new citizens to stop by the City Office. This website offers some of the forms that you will need to fill out and send into the office.

If you are interested in running for office please contact the Sargent City Office. They will be able to tell you the qualifications for Mayor and Council Members and make sure you are on the voting ballet.

The Sargent Comprehensive Plan

The Sargent Comprehensive Plan

Custer County Housing Study

Custer County Housing Study

City of Sargent Zoning

City of Sargent Zoning

Sargent City Council

Meets 2nd Monday of each month.

Mayor: Mick Kozeal Term Ends 12-2022
Council Member: Ricky Hightower 12-2018 to 12-2022
Council Member: Tim Clayton 12-2016 to 12-2020
Council Member: Gerry Sheets 12-2016 to 12-2020
Council Member: Micky Schneider 12-2014 to 12-2022
Office Address: 106 North 2nd Street
PO Box 40
Sargent, NE 68874
Phone: 308-527-4200
Fax: 308-527-3745
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday
City Official Appointments
City Physcician: Physicians employed at Central NE Medical Clinic
City Attorney: Glenn Clark
Bond Council: Ameritas Investment Corp.
City Engineer/Street Superintendent: Reed Miller  & Miller & Associates
City Auditor: Dana F Cole & Company
City Depository: First National Bank/NPAIT
Building Superintendent: Tim Divine
Asst. Building Superintendent: Gerry Sheets
Streets, Alleys, Walks & Bridges: Gerry Sheets/Tim Clayton
Utilities: Mick Kozeal/Micky Schneider
Clerk/Treasurer: Gwenda Horky
Office Help: Kris Lamb
Utility Billing Clerk: Kris Lamb
Administrator/Utility Superintendent: Reece Jensen
Police Chief: J.D. Keefe
Fire Chief: Reece Jensen
City Newspaper: Sargent Leader
Loup Central Landfill: Representative: Mick Kozeal
Health Board: Tim Leibert, Micky Schneider, JD Keefe, Lori Spanel and Mick Kozeal
Economic Development Board: Micky Schneider, Karl Davis, Gwenda Horky, Jan Osborn, Lori Cox, Craig Vancura, Cory Grint, Tim Leibert, Kris Lamb
Assistant Utility Superintendent: Tim Divine
Audit Committee
January thru June: Micky Schneider and Gerry Sheets
July thru December: Jan Oeltjen and Tim Clayton
Sargent Housing Authority Board
Mary Mason
Karl Davis
Ricky Hightower
Gwenda Horky
Kory Kitt
Sargent Airport Authority Board

Meets 1st Thursday of every month unless date falls on a holiday then postpone a week forward.

John Troxel Term Expires 2020
Reece Jensen Term Expires 2022
John Kolar Term Expires 2022
Rylan Everett Term Expires 2022
Chris Decker Term Expires 2022
Rates for 2019-2020
Demo Permits $10.00
Building Permit $20.00
Dogs Licenses $6.00
RV Park
Tents: $5.00 per day
Campers: $14.00 per day
$80.00 per week
$300.00 per month
ATV/UTV Licenses $20.00
Copies $0.25 per copy
Faxes & E-Mails $1.00 per page
City Council Meetings

We encourage everyone to come to the city council meetings. All are welcome and it's a great way to get to know the community!

City council meetings are held every 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Community Center Building. (Unless the date falls on a holiday then we will re-schedule and notify the public.) To be on the agenda please fill out the form below and return it by 12 noon on Friday before the meeting date.

Agenda Item Summary (PDF)
Agenda Item Summary (Word Doc)

Sargent Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2021 Word Doc
September 15, 2021 Word Doc
September 13, 2021 Word Doc
August 9, 2021 Word Doc
June 28, 2021 PDF Word Doc
June 14, 2021 PDF Word Doc
May 10, 2021 PDF Word Doc
April 12, 2021 PDF Word Doc
March 8, 2021 PDF Word Doc
February 8, 2021 PDF Word Doc
January 1, 2021 PDF Word Doc
December 14, 2020 PDF Word Doc
November 9, 2020 PDF Word Doc
October 29, 2020 PDF Word Doc
October 13, 2020 PDF Word Doc
September 21, 2020 PDF Word Doc
September 15, 2020 PDF Word Doc
August 13, 2020 PDF Word Doc
July 13, 2020 PDF Word Doc
June 8, 2020 PDF Word Doc
May 11, 2020 PDF Word Doc
May 7, 2020 PDF Word Doc
April 13, 2020 PDF Word Doc
March 11, 2020 PDF Word Doc
February 10, 2020 PDF Word Doc
January 13, 2020 PDF Word Doc

To view older city council meeting minutes click here.