Sargent Chamber of Commerce

Sargent Chamber of Commerce works together as a team for the economic progress and improvement of the quality of life for all its citizens. This team welcomes and supports new and expanding industries and businesses in Sargent, Nebraska.

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Sargent Chamber of Commerce...

1.) Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow.
2.) Credibility to make a statement that you are committed to the future of Sargent.
3.) Learning opportunities / professional development to help you run a smarter, more profitable business.
4.) Promote the community to help Sargent residents enjoy more opportunity.
5.) Referrals and sales opportunities to deliver return on your investment.
6.) Publicity and heightened name recognition so customers know who you are.
7.) Targeted, effective and affordable advertising to help you advertise effectively on a small budget.
8.) Create a strong local economy to keep our business momentum moving forward.
9.) Government advocacy to hold the line on taxes and government interference.
10.) We support the growth of area businesses, helping to attract and establish new businesses. Moreover, we improve quality of life through responsible, sustained leadership on community and regional issues of relevance to our members.

The Sargent Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, membership-driven organization comprised of businesses and individuals. Membership fees are $50 up to $100 per year.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Jackie Ropers: 308-215-0176
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