Helpful Hints on Searching the Sargent Newspaper Archive

The archive works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Chrome's built in PDF viewer doesn't always bring up the PDFs correctly.

By default, the search results will return every word you type in. If you type in Thomas Edison, you will get all articles that mention either Thomas or Edison. If you want to search for an exact phrase, type a "/" symbol between words. For example, to search for John Doe you would type: John/Doe To search for Sargent Public School you would type: Sargent/Public/School If you want to reorder the search results by date, click on the "original date" header on the grid.

If you are searching by date only, you still need to put some word into the search box. You can either check the box to disable the search box, or you can type a common word into the search box like "the".

When the microfilm is scanned for digitizing, the intensity is adjusted to go after the text for key word searching. This makes some of the pictures too dark to see clearly. If you want a clearer picture that goes with the story, write down the date and page number. Then you can go to the Custer County Historical Museum in Broken Bow or the State Historical Society in Lincoln and print from the reel of microfilm or take a picture with your phone.

PDF Hints
Make sure you have the newest version of Adobe Reader installed. A free download can be found here.

If you want to zoom in or zoom out on the PDF pages, hit the "+" or "-" symbol on the Adobe Reader tool bar. Another way to do this is hold down the "ctrl" and "+" or "ctrl" and "-" keys on your keyboard.

To find a word or phrase on the PDF page you are viewing, hold down the "ctrl" and "f" keys. This will open a search box. Type in your search terms and they will be highlighted on the page.