Middle Loup 4-H Club

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4-H is an organization for boy and girls who are 8 to 19 years old during the current year. It is open to everyone and is sponsored by the University of Nebraska Extension (of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln). 4-H is a way to learn about many topics. The many projects and activities of 4-H can help you learn about interesting things and meet new people. Camps- As a member of the Custer County 4-H School Enrichment Program, you are eligible to participate in summer 4-H camps. Most camps are held in June and July, at the State 4-H Camp near Halsey, Nebraska. You will receive more information about the camps in May. Clubs- Another opportunity to become more involved is to join a traditional 4-H club or form a new club with three or more of your friends and an adult for your leader. These clubs work on 4-H projects throughout the year. Projects are chosen by the 4-Her so individual interests can be met. If you would like to join a 4-H club or have any questions contact Collen Peterson, Custer County 4-H Aide, at (308) 872-6831 before April 1st. Our office is located in the Custer County Courthouse, lower level. or email custer-county@unl.edu