Somerford Cemetery

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The Somerford Cemetery is located on a hill side southwest of Sargent in the Somerford community.  The Somerford Cemetery was originally called the Sandcreek Cemetery.  The first recorded meeting was held December 26, 1890.  The first members of the cemetery association are listed as W.H. Andrews, O. Story, H.D. Daugherty, Wm. S. Breeding, George D. Barger, and H. Story.

H. Story donated one and one half acres of land to become Sandcreek Cemetery.  At that time a lot cost $3.00.  In 1910, the association changed the cost of a lot to $10.00 for lots south of the north road and 7 lots west from the east side of cemetery and all others were $5.00.  The cost did not change again until 1999 and the association decided to up the price to $50.00 a lot.  In April 1948, the name of the cemetery was changed to the Somerford Cemetery.  The name change was voted on again in 1949 due to the lack of some articles.  The name finally was changed in 1949.

Irene Clark relays a story that she remembers Houston Story and neighbors staked out the cemetery by lantern light because of a death in the neighborhood.  Also, as the story goes there were 4 children buried across the road and after the cemetery was established they were moved.  In the record book it states that the graves were moved in 1907.  It is unclear if that was when the deaths occurred or when the graves were moved. 

In July 2007 the board was approached about starting an Endowment Fund.  In January 2008 the Endowment Fund was set up and ready for donations.  This fund was established to help with the upkeep of the cemetery for many years to come.

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