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The 100% free 183 Flea Market returns to Sargent, NE, Sept. 26 27 28 and 29 – the same dates as the Nebraska Junk Jaunt. The website, http://onlyinyourstate.com named 183 Flea Market “The Best Free Flea Market in Nebraska!”

Per local advertiser recommendations plus local antique and unique stores availability being limited for Memorial Day, in 2020 183Flea Market moves to Memorial Day.

The 183 Flea Market, located on US Highway 183 in Sargent opens starting at 9AM, featuring a wide array of outside shopping fun with multiple vendors from all over the region. Closing times vary by vendor. Many professional vendors sell until the sun set as 183Flea. The second event, The Antique Spree, is inside shopping in the stores that form “The Antique Capital of Nebraska.” Each unique store is loaded with fresh inventory. The whole town of Sargent is a treasure- trove filled with antiques, collectibles, oddities, furniture and bargains.

Abbott Antiques, Earthjunk and The Nook are the anchor stores sponsoring 183Flea Market.

Shoppers have free parking and admission. The entire sprawling city wide event is free, even for vendors! Vendors have the option of selling their wares for one, two or every advertised day at 183 Flea Market. If the rain stays away, new and different vendors set up each day. Not only does the 183 Flea Market offer 183 free, prime vendor spaces in 2019, but the free offer extends for the 2020 Memorial Weekend & Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt. Vendors will find many shady spots available along the north side of flea market, and exposure to busy Highway 183 traffic along the large eastern side of the flea market.

Visit The183 Flea Market outdoors and inside weather free shopping at the downtown stores. Allow several hours to shop the huge selection. These daytime events are family oriented for both Nebraskans & our friends in neighboring states. 183 Flea Market vendors and sponsors pledge to ban potty mouth. For more information visit http://183Flea.com, or call 402-350-6740.

The 183Flea Market plus all the wonderful antique and unique Sargent stores are worth the drive from anywhere! Enhance your collection with a visit to Sargent in rural Custer County!
John and Cindee Haddix
PO Box 1
Sargent, NE 68874